Cancer doesn’t have to be a black box.

Based on cutting edge spatially resolved biological simulations, SimBioSys is modeling the behavior of cancer using mechanistic models and powering it with Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing.


Transforming cancer care and precision medicine with predictive computational tools. Our technology is driven by a comprehensive on 3 main concepts.

Tumor Virtualization

Using a novel, computationally intensive approach, we virtualize a patient’s tumor from diagnostic imaging methods such as MRI, Mammogram, or PET scans.

This visualizes and unlocks patient-specific biological features such as tumor morphology, blood vessel localization, and surrounding tissue composition to actualize a patient’s 3D tumor model.

Computation Oncology

Based on cutting edge spatially resolved biological simulations of patient lab and pathology tests, SimBioSys uses mechanistic models to simulate the biochemical interactions within a patient’s tumor.

Access to a growing library of drugs & regimen characterized by their mechanism of action are utilized to computationally simulate and assess treatment-response.

Assessment and Analytics

Patient reports generated by the TumorScope™ software show predictions of the tumor pre-treatment, with the optimal treatment, and without treatment in a visual manner to support both the clinician and patient.

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